Celebrate Recovery

Find Freedom from Life’s Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups!

It's been said, "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option."  Often times people are afraid to engage in honest community because they don't think of themselves as "One of those people!” The fact is we're all one of those people. We all experience times in our lives where we get stuck. If you recognize your hurts, habits or hang-ups are blocking you from peace and freedom in your life, you will find Celebrate Recovery is a safe and honest community of fellow strugglers to begin your recovery journey.


Dinner: 6:00PM – 6:45PM
Large Group: 7:00PM – 8:00PM
Small Groups: 8:00PM – 9:00PM
Cross Talk Café: 9:00PM – 9:20PM

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a safe place to realize God’s healing power as we work through the 12 Steps and “8 Principles” of recovery together. As we do we experience freedom from our addictive, compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors so that we can see peace, serenity, joy and most restored in our lives.

Is Celebrate Recovery for me?

Celebrate Recovery is not just for those struggling with drugs or alcohol, but is perfect for anyone struggling with any number of hurts, habits or hang-ups. These are those areas that we come to realize are causing our lives to become chaotic and/or unmanageable.
For more info contact Mike McBride.